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Student Chapters

Active Student Chapters

The AAVN is proud to have a number of approved AAVN Student Chapters for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. 

Colorado State University

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

Louisiana State University

Mississippi State University

The Ohio State University

Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph

St. Matthew's University

University of Missouri

University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

University of Tennessee

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

AAVN Student Chapters have a number of great benefits!  These include:

  • Eligible to apply for $500 USD to support activities and events
  • Student Webinar Series (4 FREE webinars per year)
  • Reduced registration fee for the annual AAVN Clinical Nutrition & Research Symposium
  • Opportunity to apply for travel grants of up to $1,000 USD 
  • Annual AAVN Student Chapter Town Hall and Trivia Night
  • Participation on the AAVN list serve (includes postings for jobs and training programs)
  • Monthly E-newsletter and other e-mail blasts with nutrition information and events

All AAVN Student Chapters are required to have a constitution that addresses membership, dues/finances, advisors, officers, elections, and meetings (click here for a sample template)

Are you interested in starting a student chapter at your college or university?

1.  Please review and fill-out the AAVN Student Chapter Constitution Template. Edits to this template may be made. Please use “Track Changes” under the Review tab of Microsoft Word when editing this document.

2.  Submit this document to the Executive Director of AAVN (aavnexecutive@gmail.com) with a register of officer and faculty advisor names with contact information including email and phone number.

3.  These documents will then be distributed to the AAVN Student Member Committee. Please allow up to 6 weeks following receipt of documents for review.

4.   Once the new Student Chapter is approved by the Student Member Committee, a copy of the Constitution will be returned with the date approved.

5. This constitution must then be adopted by the respective Student Chapter and this date entered onto the document (see template). Once this is complete, please submit a final copy to the AAVN Executive Director (aavnexecutive@gmail.com).

Important Dates for AAVN Student Chapters

October 15th

  • The Secretary must submit a register of officer and faculty advisor names with contact information including email and phone number to the Executive Director of the AAVN (aavnexecutive@gmail.com). A student chapter will be considered inactive for the academic year if the register is not received by this date.
  • The Secretary must distribute copies (electronic okay) of the constitution to all officers, faculty advisors and chapter members.
  • The Secretary must distribute applications (electronic okay) for student membership to the AAVN to all new student chapter members.
  • Annual student chapter membership dues for the academic year are due to the treasurer. This may vary by the individual student chapter. 

May 15th

  • Officer election procedures for the following academic year must be complete.

June 1st

    • The President(s) must submit a summary of the chapter's activities for the previous academic year to the Executive Director of the AAVN (aavnexecutive@gmail.com)
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