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  • 2021 AAVN Student Webinar Series

  • March 98:00pm ET

  • Critical Consumption of Nutrition Articles (Enhance Your Clinical Skills without Getting a PhD)

  • SpeakerSarah K. Abood, DVM, PhD

  • Veterinary Nutrition Consultant, Sit, Stay, Speak Nutrition, LLC

  • Busy practitioners often need to know if a diet with enhanced nutrients or an individual nutraceutical will be helpful for their patients. However, trying to find the best evidence and understand the data can be challenging! The purpose of this talk is to offer tips on how to evaluate scientific articles examining nutritional treatments of one kind or another. 

  • To view a copy of the slides from this presentation click here

  • April 6, 8:00pm ET

    Deciphering Pet Food Labels: How to tell regulatory fact from marketing fiction

  • Speaker: Jenna Manacki, DVM

  • Small Animal Clinical Nutrition Resident, University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine

  • This webinar will focus on the various components of a pet food label and how to interpret them. Pet food labeling definitions and regulations as well as AAFCO statements will be discussed and explanations on how an ingredient list is organized, and what are the most common misconceptions regarding common pet food ingredients will be provided. Finally, the program will include a discussion on the guaranteed analysis panel, and how it may be misinterpreted by the average consumer.

  • September 14 8:00pm ET

    Feline Fat Camp: Exploring Weight Management in Cats through Diet and Exercise

  • Speaker:  Caitlyn Getty, DVM, PhD, DACVN

  • Clinical Nutrition Fellow, Residency Trained in Clinical Nutrition; North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

  • This webinar will provide attendees with an overview of obesity and overweight in cats, treatment strategies, and environmental enrichment for the overweight and/or stressed cat. Participants will review body condition and muscle condition scoring and the negative physiologic effects of overweight and obesity in cats. The science behind veterinary therapeutic weight loss diets and what options are available will also be discussed. Finally, strategies for providing environmental enrichment to help promote weight loss and reduce stress in cats will be explored.

  • OCTOBER 26,  8:00pm ET

    Unconventional Diet Conversations: Talking to Clients without Losing Your Mind

  • Speaker:  Martha G. Cline, DVM, DACVN

  • Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals, New Jersey

  • Well-meaning pet owners can become entrenched in and confused by certain feeding practices. This lecture will review some common nutrition myths and misperceptions as well as provide some communication tips to help make potentially contentious conversations into effective ones.

  • To view a recording of this program click here.  The recording will be available until November 9th.

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