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Executive Board

OFFICERS (2023-2025)

Megan Sprinkle, President

Jonathan Stockman, President-elect

Ashley Self, Secretary

Lisa Weeth, Treasurer

Maria Regina Cattai de Godoy

Robin Saar, Member-at-Large

Dan Su, Member-at-Large 


Jen Gazdacko and Betsy Grenier, Hannah Street Consulting, aavnexecutive@gmail.com


Outreach:  Dan Su, Chair
Members: Sarah Abood, Danielle Conway, Craig Datz, Ryan Flynn

Governance: Megan Sprinkle, Chair

Budget/Finance:  Lisa Weeth, Chair

Educational Programs: Jonathan Stockman, Chair
Kara Burns, Ron Corbee, Tammy Owens, Angela Rollins, Catherine Ruggeiro, Robert Van Suan

Student Members:  Ashley Self, Chair
Stephanie Clark, Martha Cline, Ryan Flynn, Jenny Grither, Madison Hopper, Maria Peralta, Robin Saar

AAVN Elections

The next election for Executive Board members will be held in April 2026. 

Details will be announced via the AAVN Listserv and a final ballot will be sent to active AAVN members in May 2026.

Members of the AAVN Executive Board serve two-year terms.  Responsibilities include monthly teleconferences, attendance at the Annual AAVN Clinical Nutrition & Research Symposium in June, and committee work. If you are interested in becoming a member of the AAVN executive board, please reach out to aavnexecutive@gmail.com

AAVN Committees

Are you looking to serve on an AAVN committee?  Email aavnexecutive@gmail.com to learn more.

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