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AAVN membership is open to the following categories of professionals who have an interest in animal nutrition (interpreted within the context of Article 4, Section 1 of the AAVN By-Laws):

  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary students currently enrolled in a veterinary college
  • Veterinary technicians/nurses
  • Veterinary technician/nursing students currently enrolled in a veterinary technology college
  • Nutritionists and scientists with an academic degree in the field of animal nutrition, animal science, human nutrition, or a similar relevant field
  • College and university students currently enrolled in an academic program in the field of animal nutrition, animal science, human nutrition, or a similar relevant field
  • Employees or consultants with relevant credentials (see above) and experience working in the field of animal nutrition, pet food, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, or allied industries

Categories of Membership

Active Members are veterinarians who have an interest in any aspect of veterinary or animal nutrition (practice, teaching, industry, regulation, etc.), or nutritionists or animal scientists who have an interest in any aspect of veterinary or animal nutrition, or veterinary Technicians/Nurses who have an interest in veterinary or animal nutrition.

Student Members shall be enrolled in a school/college of veterinary medicine or technology or studying in a department of animal science.  Veterinary interns, residents, and graduate students (Masters or PhD candidates) are included in the Student category.  Proof of enrollment in a program of study may be requested but is not required.

Retired Membership is open to anyone who has previously been an Active Member and is no longer actively engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine or animal nutrition on a full or part-time basis.  Retired members must have previously been an active member for at least 10 years.  Please note that retired members may not vote or hold office.  In order to be considered for the retired membership classification, please send a letter to aavnutrition@gmail.com.

A Life Member  is defined as someone who has been a dues paying member of the AAVN for at least 20 years and has made significant contributions to the field of veterinary nutrition or the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition (AAVN).  Life members must be approved by the Executive Board.

Individuals can apply to become a life member by submitting an application to the Executive Board.  In addition, members can nominate another member to be recognized with Life membership by completing the process described in the application. The Executive Board may also nominate Life members. 

Honorary Membership may be granted by the Executive Board to distinguished persons who have contributed to the advancement of veterinary nutrition.

AAVN Member Benefits

Membership benefits include:

Free webinars on cutting edge veterinary nutrition topics (4 per year)

Discounted registration for the Annual Clinical Nutrition & Research Symposium

Access to “Members Only” information on the AAVN website, including Symposium proceedings and recordings and the Membership Directory

Monthly E-Newsletter

Access to the AAVN Listserv (includes job and training posts), to review listserv Terms of Use click here

Free advertising in the e-newsletter and on the website

Opportunity to submit research abstracts for consideration at the annual Symposium

AAVN Life Members

Wilbur Amand

Sarah Abood

Joseph Bartges

Tony Buffington

Julie Churchill

Dave Dzanis

Andrea Fascetti

Michael Hand

Tom Herdt

Richard Hill

Francis Kallfelz

Claudia Kirk

Dottie Laflamme

Kathryn Michel

Ben Norman

Sarah Ralston

Rebecca Remillard

Quinton Rogers

Korinn Saker

Craig Thatcher

Robert Van Saun

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